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About Us

Who we are and our vision

Our Story

Welcome to Snehix Tech, where innovation meets education. We are a dedicated technology product startup on a mission to revolutionize learning with our flagship product, Blackboard. At Snehix, we firmly believe that education should seamlessly embrace technology, and that's exactly what Blackboard does.

Blackboard is a cutting-edge digital platform that skillfully blends traditional classroom teaching methods with the power of e-paper technology. Students get a natural and intuitive writing experience, just like pen and paper, but with the added advantage of instant digitization. Our platform facilitates live interaction and collaboration between teachers and students, fostering an engaging and dynamic learning environment.

With Blackboard, the need for traditional paper books and notebooks is eliminated, as it supports eBooks and eNotes, making learning materials easily accessible and environmentally friendly. We take pride in being at the forefront of the education technology revolution, ensuring that the digital era enhances, rather than hinders, the learning journey.

Join us on this exciting journey of transforming education with Snehix's Blackboard, where possibilities are boundless, and the future of learning is brighter than ever before.

About the Founder

Surajit Sinha, the visionary founder of Snehix, is an accomplished embedded systems designer with over two decades of experience. Having worked on diverse projects ranging from Bluetooth-enabled devices to medical solutions, Surajit always had a passion for leveraging technology to benefit society.

In 2018, while observing his son struggle with lost school notes, Surajit had a pivotal moment of inspiration. He realized the untapped potential to digitize classrooms and empower students and teachers alike. Recognizing the lack of suitable technology in traditional education, Surajit set out on a mission to create a revolutionary solution.

With a formidable technical skill set and profound expertise, Surajit spearheads the development of Snehix's flagship product, Blackboard. This sophisticated platform seamlessly integrates technology with traditional teaching methods, offering a natural and intuitive experience for students. Surajit's keen perception of the problem and his dedication to crafting a well-engineered product set Snehix apart in the education technology landscape.

Surajit's entrepreneurial spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence drive Snehix towards a future where classroom education seamlessly embraces the potential of technology. With the innovative eNote Paper Tablet and cloud-connected ecosystem, Snehix aims to transform education, leaving an indelible impact on the way we learn and teach.

Awards and Recognition

Karnataka Government Elevate2 2020
“Winner of the Karnataka Government Elevate2 2020 competition."
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