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Immersive digitization of hand written notes

Digi-board, Snehix Tech's premier product

Snehix's revolutionary solution addresses the prevalent challenges and taps into promising opportunities within the education landscape. The core problem it aims to tackle is the underutilization of technology in classrooms, particularly the swift digitization of handwritten notes. Despite the digital age, many educational institutions still rely on traditional pen-and-paper methods, missing out on the full potential of digitization and its transformative benefits.

By introducing their Eink panel-based tablet integrated with cloud technology, Snehix provides a groundbreaking way to digitize handwritten content in real-time. This disruptive approach unlocks the power of handwritten data and fosters a paperless learning environment, promoting sustainable practices and reducing the consumption of paper, plastic, and chemicals associated with conventional learning materials.

Read and Write just like on Paper

Experience the familiarity of paper with the convenience of digital reading and writing.

Immersive interface for increased engagement

Immerse users with an interface designed for heightened engagement.

Dynamically interactive with handwritten notes

Seamlessly engage with handwritten notes through dynamic interactivity.

“Feedback received affirms the fact that college has to integrate digital devices to the classrooms to ease the process of teaching and to enhance the understandability of students. The students enjoyed using the devices and have welcomed the process in their classrooms."

Testimonial from a renowned school in Bangalore after a yearlong free trial

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